Day Student Fees per term

YEARS 3 – 6 YEARS 7 – 9 YEARS 10-13
£4,500 £5,500 £5,900

Full Boarding Fees per term

YEARS 3 – 6 £11,700 £15,000 (Tuition fee £9000 Boarding fee £6000)
YEARS 7 – 9 £11,700 £15,000 (Tuition fee £9000 Boarding fee £6000)
YEARS 10-13 £11,700 £15,000 (Tuition fee £9000 Boarding fee £6000)

Occasional Boarders

The occasional boarding fee is £60 per night and is based on a maximum of two nights per week. If boarding exceeds two nights per week then a pupil will be considered a weekly boarder and will be charged as such.

Armed Forces Covenant

The School offers all those parents who serve, or have served, in the Armed Forces of the Crown a 20% discount off the full School fees. When used in conjunction with the Boarding School Allowance, this makes our boarding fees a very affordable option.

Other Awards

The School also offer discounts to pupils whose parents are in the Diplomatic Corps (10% of full fees) and of those who have a parent in the Adcote Association (Adcote Old Girls) (10% of full fees). The School also makes provision to provide bursaries to daughters of the clergy of the Church of England or Anglican Communion.


The School is seeking to attract able and talented pupils who could successfully contribute to the life of the School in a number of ways. A range of Scholarships are available including academic, music, art, drama, sport, gymnastics, all-rounder and Sixth Form awards. Adcote Scholarships are awarded in recognition of proven talent. These are open to external candidates only

Please contact the Admissions Office for further details of our Scholarship Programme. Telephone: 01939 260202 or email: admissions@adcoteschool.co.uk


The School is committed to broad access to the School by offering to eligible parents, means- tested financial support with the payment of Schools fees. Such support may be awarded in the form of a discount on the tuition fees payable. Such requests should be made in the first instance to the Bursar.

Additional Costs

Domestic Deposit Fees

  • The costs of School uniform; optional extra-curricular activities; trips, visits and outings; and miscellaneous spending money are not included in the above fees.
  • Fees do not include entry fees for public examinations.
  • Registration fee of £300 (non-refundable) and a deposit of £500. (The deposit will be held until the end of your child’s final term in School and will be refunded within one term of their leaving, less any sums owing to the Adcote School at that time. The deposit cannot be refunded if a pupil is withdrawn after a place has been accepted.)