Senior School

It is here that your daughter will start thinking about future careers and preparing for GCSE exams. During these years, she will not only continue to build on academic skills and knowledge but will also develop skills and qualities that will equip her for the future.

Throughout their time in the Senior School not only will students be studying for their GCSE exams; they will also be developing important life skills and qualities through a curriculum that focuses on more than just academic achievement. These include debating, public speaking, leadership skills and team building.

As the girls move through Senior School, they take part in the Wayfarers programme or Combined Cadets Force. These are run in combination with the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award. If they opt for CCF they can join either the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army or RAF Sections. All have different themes but achieve the same aim of providing a vehicle for students to grow and develop. CLEAR Challenge days also happen every term.

At Adcote School we pride ourselves on our supportive and caring environment, and this is never more important than in the Senior School, as students face increasing pressures of exams. Academic development is supported by small class sizes, excellent teaching, and strong teacher/student relationships.

Small class sizes enable our dedicated teachers to deliver tailored learning for pupils of all academic abilities, including the highest. Individual help is available for any girls who require support with their studies or to help them overcome a specific learning difficulty.

A wide range of subjects is taught in the Senior School, which is reflected in the large number of options available at GCSE and iGCSE. Performing Arts, Fine Art and Textiles form an integral part of life in and outside the curriculum. Sporting and cultural activities are also used to inspire initiative, ambition, responsibility and compassion.

PE, Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), information on careers and work experience are included as an important part of the core curriculum for all the girls. Work Experience happens in Year 10 where girls are found a placement in the organisation of their choice in liaison with Connexions.

The school day begins with Assembly or form time at 8:35, and continues until 4:10. Supervised prep and activities then take place until 5:25 when the buses leave for day girls. Day girls are welcome to join the boarders for breakfast at 8:00 and to stay for supper if they wish to. We aim to be as flexible as possible to meet the needs of busy working parents.