School Uniform

School uniform is an important part of our identity as a school, we ask that all girls observe the dress code throughout the year. Please see below our uniform lists.

Uniform is available from the School Uniform Suppliers – School Shop Direct.

School Shop Direct

The Friends of Adcote Second-Hand Uniform Shop

The Friends of Adcote Second Hand School Uniform Shop is a thriving shop with a huge stock of really good quality items of uniform all sold at half the new price.  We have often provided girls will all the things that they need to have a complete school uniform.

We always welcome donations of used uniform no matter what quality, only good quality clothes will be sold as uniform and the rest can be used for a number of other things.  Most recently any damaged uniform has been turned into Adcote school bears for sale as momentos of happy school days.

Opening hours vary each term and are advertised each term on The Friends of Adcote Facebook page.  If you cannot get to the shop when we are open we are always more than happy to make an appointment to see you at another suitable time.

Appointments can be made by contacting Caroline James via our email,

Please note: Summer uniform can be worn from the start of the Summer Term but will be compulsory once informed by the Headmistress. Children are to return to school in September in their  winter uniform (unless otherwise informed by the Headmistress).

Prep School Uniform List

Prep School Uniform List Years 3 – 6

Primary Girls Uniform

Adcote Pinafore tunic or Adcote Pleated Skirt (Gordon tartan)
White cotton blouse (standard)
Adcote Summer dress – for use from 1st May until the end of the Summer Term
Adcote cardigan or jumper
Adcote blazer
Adcote scarf
School straw boater (optional)
Winter school hat (optional)

Primary Sports Kit

Adcote green games skirt or Skort
Adcote green polo shirt
Adcote microfleece top
Adcote sports jacket
Adcote tracksuit trousers
Black cycling style shorts (summer)
Green games socks
Adcote swim hat
Black or navy swimsuit (one piece)
School kit bag
Shin Pads
Gum Shield

Other essential items

Art overall or oversized shirt
Adcote rucksack
White socks (knee length or ankle socks) for throughout the academic year
Navy tights for Autumn / Winter terms
Black school shoes

Senior School uniform list

Senior School Uniform List Year 7 – 11

Senior Girls Uniform

Adcote pleated Skirt (Gordon tartan)
White cotton blouse (standard)
Adcote summer dress – for use from 1st May for Summer term only – no summer dress for Yr 11
Adcote navy cardigan or Adcote V-neck sweater
Navy waterproof
Adcote School blazer
Adcote School scarf
White Science Overall
Art Apron or oversized shirt for Art

Senior Sports Kit

Adcote navy games skort
Adcote navy short sleeved sports shirt
Adcote navy games socks
Adcote navy microfleece top
Adcote navy or plain navy (no visible logo) skins – long sleeve top and/or leggings (optional)
Adcote navy tracksuit trousers
Adcote navy jacket (advisory)
School kit bag
Gum Shield (Hockey) Yrs 7- 9
Shin Pads (Hockey/Football)

Sixth Form Uniform List

Sixth formers should wear a smart suit in dark colours – Navy, Black or Charcoal Grey. They may wear a skirt at or below the knee, trousers or a tailored dress. A plain blouse or smart office top should be worn. A jumper or cardigan may be worn over the shirt and under the jacket. Socks should be white or dark. Tights (plain or black) should be worn with a skirt. Sensible, smart, black shoes should be worn with suits. Heels should be flat or under 4cm. Boots or trainers are not permitted.

Sixth Formers are expected to recognise the importance of taking pride in a smart appearance and of setting an example to younger pupils. Smart and subtle nail polish is allowed, but not artificial nails or nail extensions. If worn, makeup should not be prominent. In line with the rest of the school, one earring is permitted in each ear. Dangly earrings should be discreet, and ear cuffs are not permitted. Hair dye of natural colours is permitted.

Any query concerning appropriate uniform is referred to the discretion of the Head of Sixth Form.

Sports Kit

Adcote Navy short sleeved polo shirt
Adcote Navy or black leggings
Adcote Navy microfleece top
Adcote Navy games skort or blue/black shorts
Adcote Navy tracksuit trousers
Adcote Navy tracksuit jacket
Adcote School Kit Bag

Boarders Uniform List

Boarder School Uniform List 2020 -21

Please see the school list for School Uniform, but to help with your packing we have provided the below check list.

  • School Blazer
  • Pair of black flat school shoes

Summer Uniform (April – October)

  • 2 x Summer dress’s (no shorter than two centimetres above the knee)
  • 1 Navy Cardigan

Winter Uniform

  • Winter skirt for Y7 to 11 – this must be knee length
  • 2 x Pinafore dresses for Y3 – 6
  • 5 white collared shirts
  • 2 x V Neck school jumpers

Sports Kit

  • Navy games skort (Y7 and above), Green games skort (Y6 and below)
  • Navy PE shirt (Y7 and above), Green PE shirt (Y6 and below)
  • Nave tracksuit trousers
  • Navy tracksuit jacket
  • Navy microfleece top
  • Navy games socks (Y7 and above) Green Games Socks (Y6 and below)


All uniform items can be purchased from or our second hand uniform shop, Cherished. Name tags should be ordered from the list above.

Hired Uniform (Temp boarders)

Our second hand uniform will rent all your uniform to you, but other uniform items you will need to bring are.

Winter – October- May

  • 5 x White shirt (long sleeve)
  • 5 x Tights (black or navy for Y7 and above), Green for Y6 and below
  • Pair of black flat school shoes

Summer – May – October

  • 5 x Socks (white)

Additional Information


  • Shoes: Sensible leather (or leather look) plain, black shoes, suitable for everyday school wear. No logos of any sort. Training shoes, pumps, yeezys, boots of any kind, sandals, mid or high heels or footwear of any other colour is not permitted.
  • Girls Skirts: Tight and undersized skirts are NOT acceptable; A school skirt should be no shorter than 10cm above the knee.
  • Coats: Outdoor garments, appropriate for everyday school use must be worn; these should be a plain style with no excessive pattern, stripes or logos. An important definition of an acceptable coat is an item having either a zip fastener or a set of buttons all the way 11 down the front.
  • Jewellery: Students may wear one stud type earring per ear and a watch. No other forms of visible jewellery are permitted. This includes fabric braids around wrists and ankles (one charity band may be worn). All forms of facial piercing are strictly forbidden.
  • Hair: Extreme styles of hair are unacceptable. Hair colours should be natural, e.g. no blues, greens, pinks, oranges, purples or scarlets etc. Students may be isolated or sent home if the style of hair or colour is seen as inappropriate. If you are unsure as to what is acceptable, please contact the school in advance of getting a haircut or colour. If it is shoulder length or longer, students will be asked to tie it back.
  • Makeup: No makeup should be worn for school e.g. brightly coloured eye shadow, mascara, thick eye brow pencil or lipstick. No false nails or nail polish to be worn. Students will be instructed to remove these immediately.

Please consult the shop website for further details, including size guidance and price lists. Alternatively, identical items can be purchased elsewhere