Here at Adcote School, we embrace students from all countries and believe that in creating a college of many different nationalities it provides a great opportunity for staff and students alike to gain exposure to a diverse variety of languages and cultures.

The international admissions team provides a competitive and unbeatable service to international pupils and parents alike. With Educational Agents based in over 30 countries across the world and dedicated staff for specific regions we aim to make the application process for Adcote School simple and successful.

English as an Additional Language Support

Our School life is enriched by the variety of ideas and perspectives that come from our overseas pupils, and we understand that they can have different educational needs. At Adcote, we are committed to supporting students’ language requirements throughout their courses in order to achieve the standard required to demonstrate their skills in English.

Our pupils can be supported through our EAL (English as a Foreign Language) department and be provided with tailored weekly instruction as part of their regular timetable. Our weekly provision is typically as follows:

Years 3-6: 5 hours of mainstream English with class support if needed.

Years 7-9: 4 hours of mainstream English, one additional hour of EAL (English As an Additional Language) if low score

Years 10-11: 4 hours GCSE English Language, EAL support in lessons or out of lessons dependant on need.

Years 12-13: 2 hours IELTS (International English Language Testing System) programme.


All lessons are differentiated from EAL where necessary.

Special arrangements can also be made depending on the needs of every student. This can range from support for English language proficiency tests (e.g. Cambridge First or Advanced) to additional support in academic or general English.

Immersion Programme

Adcote School welcomes international students to join us for a short-term Immersion Programme, lasting from half a term up to two terms. This will allow students to get a true taste of Boarding School life in the United Kingdom. Students will join classes with their year group and study alongside native English speakers. They will stay in Boarding and make new friends with their fellow boarders and take part in a wealth of various extra-curricular activities offered at Adcote School. Students in the immersion programme can take advantage of the School’s sports facilities, join the choir or orchestra, or participate in one of the numerous plays and events hosted each term. This is the perfect opportunity for international students to improve their English skills and immerse themselves in the British Boarding School culture, with the potential to join Adcote School for a longer-term programme.

Application Process

We welcome students to join us at the beginning of the Autumn, Spring, and Summer terms. If you have any questions during any part of the application process, our International Admissions team will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

To begin the application process, the School requires a copy of your passport, your academic transcript from the two previous academic years and a completed application form. Once you have all these documents, please send them to your regional manager. Once your region’s manager has received these documents, they will schedule an online interview with you. Following the interview, they will arrange for you to sit an entrance test.

When all these steps have been completed, the School will be ready to make an offer for you to join Adcote School.

Hear from our international students

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the nearest airport to Adcote School?

Birmingham Airport and Manchester Airport are the closest major airports to the School.

Where is the nearest railway station to Adcote School?

The nearest railway station to Adcote School is Shrewsbury Station, roughly a 20-minute drive away. From Shrewsbury there are direct train services to London, Cardiff, Manchester and Birmingham.

What are the Boarding facilities like?

We have two Boarding houses here at Adcote, where structure and routine are key – Norman House for girls aged 8-16 and Aston Hall for girls aged 16-18. In Norman House students are in rooms that typically sleep 2 to 4 students with separate bathroom facilities. The rooms are large and bright with desk space for girls to study. Aston Hall is an incredibly modern Boarding house just a few minutes away from the main School building and has twin rooms with en-suite facilities. Both houses have common rooms where the girls can relax, watch television, play games or have a hot drink and socialise. Meals are eaten as a Boarding community in our Darby restaurant and give opportunities to mix across houses and year groups.

What is there to do in Shrewsbury?

Shrewsbury is a market town home to roughly 72,000 people and is the nearest large town to Adcote School. It is located on the River Severn, just 9 miles away from the Welsh border, and its history can be traced back to the Medieval times. There are a huge variety of independent shops and cafes in the town centre which has a truly medieval feel, as well as museums, churches and galleries. There are boat trips along the River Severn, plenty of parks and wildlife areas, and other amenities such as cinemas, ten-pin bowling, and shopping centres.

What activities are available for boarders at the weekend?

Adcote is a full termly Boarding School, and girls are well looked after, not only during the week but at weekends, too. As part of our imaginative provision for both day girls and boarders, we run trips to local venues for shopping, swimming and bowling, visits to concert halls and theatres in the region, and weekend trips to places such as Chester, the Severn Valley railway and the Birmingham German market.

Does Adcote School close during the holidays?

Adcote School does not have exeat weekends and we remain open during the Half-Term holidays. During this time, you will be able to stay at School and will have the option to take part in a wealth of activities and excursions. This means that there is no need for you to organise alternative arrangements with guardians or go home.

How many international students does Adcote School have?

Adcote School has roughly 225 students, 70% of which are British. The remaining 30% are from over 20 different nationalities across the world, bringing a diverse international mix to our traditionally British School.