Bursaries & Scholarships

Bursaries and scholarships are available to UK students. For international enquiries please contact int@adcoteinternational.com


For those who seek entry for their daughters to Adcote, but who may not be in the position to pay full fees, Adcote has resources to help families in need. Application is through the Bursar’s Form, which is a simple means test; resources are allocated on merit. Please apply to the Bursar or the Headmistress’s Secretary for the forms.

Bursaries may additionally be available to those who, on grounds of hardship, would not otherwise be able to go to an independent school. These may be added to Academic awards. Means tested bursaries are also available to Forces families.


Adcote is a thriving and successful school of both day and boarding pupils. Much of the increased interest in Adcote School is attributed to the School’s much improved academic performance in recent years. The school has now 225 pupils on roll and now boasts some wonderful new facilities, such as a new Sports Hall, classrooms, boarding house, Art and Design studios and Science Centre.

The school is seeking to attract able and talented pupils who could successfully contribute to the life of the school in a number of ways. A range of scholarships are available including academic, music, art, drama, sport, gymnastics, all-rounder and Sixth Form awards. Adcote Scholarships are awarded in recognition of proven talent.

Please contact the Admissions Office for further details of our Scholarship program. Telephone: 01939 260202 or email: admissions@adcoteschool.co.uk

Our annual scholarship exams take place during the autumn term.