Adcote Seniors Bake-Off Battle

Posted: 30th June 2016

Last Friday was a very busy day, both inside and outside Adcote School. On the sports’ field, battles of an athletic nature were taking place as part of the annual Sports Day, and inside, the battlefield was of a sensory, and most delicious, nature. Tastebuds were tingling with mouthfuls of delicious cakes competitively baked by a number of Senior School girls.

The theme of the event was to bake a ‘Cake Fit for the Queen’ and none of the entries disappointed the discerning panel of judges, made up from members of the Upper Sixth and Staff.

After much deliberation, Eleni Higgins, from Year 7 was named victorious for her deliciously moist ricotta and lemon cake which was covered in red, white and blue ‘Union Jack’ icing with handcrafted roses. The runner up, Scarlett Ford of Year 8, had created an amazing ‘crown on a cushion cake’ complete with ‘diamonds’.  Congratulations go to these two pupils and the others who entered and tested the sweet teeth of the panel.

All monies raised will go to charity.

Senior Cakes[3]

Senior Cakes


Runner Up Scarlett Ford[4]

Runner Up Scarlett Ford

Winning Cake - Eleni Higgins[4]

Winning Cake – Eleni Higgins

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