Children in need/ Anti Bullying Week

Posted: 17th November 2023

Girls next to the bake sale for children in need
What a fantastic week of fundraising we have had for Children in Need!  The week started off with a delicious bake sale where there was an array of sweet treats to enjoy – from colourful cupcakes to delicious brownies!  Students also enjoyed some Pudsey themed games and activities including ‘Pudsey Bear Pong‘ with Ettie and Ava in Year 8 getting the highest score of 1000 points.  There were lots of guesses to win the sweets in the jar but Mara in Year 4 was the closest with her guess of 220 sweets. 
On Wednesday the Great Hall was filled with staff and students competitively battling against each other at the Children in Need Quiz.  The ‘who’s behind the mask round challenged everyone to work out which student or member of staff was hiding behind the Pudsey mask which caused some confusion!  There was a puzzling general knowledge round with questions including ‘how many baked beans are in a standard tin of Heinz beans’ – it’s more than you think(!) and ‘how many Big Macs does McDonalds sell in a year?’  The winners were a Year 8 team made up of Amelia, Bea, Juliet and Molly who with their score of 26 points managed to beat the staff!
And then it was onto our ‘Adcote’s Got Talent‘ shows and what great talent we have seen!  On Thursday Lower Prep students showed great confidence as they performed with acts ranging from gymnastics, to drawing, to singing and dancing – what a show!  It was a very tough decision for the Year 8 Prefects who judged the competition but the final top 3 places were awarded to:
  • 1st – Harriett and Amelia for their fantastic duo
  • 2nd – Anna-Mae for a lovely singing performance
  • 3rd – Jemima, Jessica and Elise for their singing trio
Finally on Friday it was home clothes day with each year group being assigned a colour/theme to wear.  From spots to stripes, yellow to green, and sparkles (very much enjoyed by Year 5!) everyone was looking very bright and colourful!  Over break and lunchtime we held the final rounds of ‘Adcote’s Got Talent‘ from the Upper Prep and Senior School and once again there was some excellent talent on display – from musical items, comedy dances, magic and even a performing horse….what a show!  It once again took much deliberation from the judging panel but eventually a decision was reached and the winners were:
  1. 1st – Year 10 with a very entertaining comedy dance
  2. 2nd – Evie and her performing horse and dog
  3. 3rd – Pang performing blindfolded on the piano
A huge thank you to everyone for getting so involved in everything this week and contributing to a fun-filled week of fundraising.
This week we have managed to raise a total of £720 and this means that over the last 10 years we have managed to raise over £7000 for Children in Need which is incredible!  Thank you so much to everyone for all of your kind donations but particularly a big thank you has to go to the Year 8 Prefects who have just been awesome this week in leading the activities – Addie, Delilah, Gabriella, Grace K, Imogen and Jessie – well done.  
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