Holocaust Memorial Day – Life after a genocide

Posted: 30th January 2017

In addition to learning about the Holocaust, pupils also spent time developing their knowledge about more recent genocides such as those in Darfur, Cambodia and Rwandan. The theme for this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day is “How can life go on” which explores how individuals and communities cope with life after a genocide. Pupils explored the theme by learning a Rwandan dance, led by Meg Cooke which they thoroughly enjoyed.

The pupils also did an activity which focused on recalling and drawing their strongest memory, pupils then compared their pictures to pictures drawn by children from the war-torn Darfur and were shocked and the images drawn by children of a younger age than themselves. It was fantastic to see pupils so engaged in the activities throughout the day and their maturity with discussing the topics and issues. It was lovely to see the impact that the day had on pupils with many commenting how it had made them appreciate life more and how it changed their outlooks.

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