North Shropshire Champions!

Posted: 27th March 2017

By Kathy Gardner

The Year 7 netball team took on the North Shropshire Schools in the U12 Tournament at Ellesmere College on Wednesday.

A very noisy and excited team set off: “Have you come the right way Mrs Gardner? Why is it taking so long? We won’t have a very long warm up,” I hear from the back.

Not to worry, we arrive in plenty of time and Bella leads the team off to get warmed up.
We are not on the first game so Bella has time to give the girls a pep talk. It obviously worked as we go on and beat Thomas Adams 10-1. Excellent shooting by Rosie Snookes.

Next up it’s Moreton Hall. Time for our revenge after losing by one goal earlier in the term a 4-0 win – a great team performance by all and a very happy coach. Corbet are next in line and another win, 5-1! Once again everyone performing well and still a happy coach.

We are in the semi-final and up against Thomas Adams A team. A scrappy start, a lot of interceptions but a lot of balls thrown away…come on girls sort it out….”slow down” shouts Flic from the back! Things settle down and the girls get back into their stride and a 7-1 win. We are in the final!

A much needed chocolate Boost provided by Mrs Walker and it’s time to take on the Marches. “Deep breath, remember you must come forward, don’t run away, passes need to be strong, don’t panic”…..maybe I should I have used reverse psychology….they do the exact opposite and we find ourselves 2-0 down.

Pure determination and excellent defending and we are back in it, 2-2 then we go one up! Half time…. “Come on girls this is yours for the taking but you need to come forward for the ball and get in front of your player,” I tell them. How many times have I said that today? I don’t think my nerves can take this. Full time and it’s 4-4. Extra time, two minutes each way. The final whistle goes ….6 – 4 and squeals of delight from the whole team. North Shropshire Champions and a very happy bus on the way home!

Everyone in the squad was amazing but special mentions must go to Hattie Marsh and Felicity Davies for a very solid defence, Steph Walker for her all round play and Bella Sussums-Lewis for her work rate and determination to win.

Team: Bella Sussums-Lewis, Imogen Lamb, Amelia Livermore, Felicity Snookes, Steph Walker, Molly Hayes-Jones, Hattie Marsh, Trinity Morgan, Scarlet Gibson

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