From chocolate welding to robot wars: Mad Science comes to Adcote School

Posted: 29th March 2019

Mad science, from chocolate welding to robot wars, will be coming to a Adcote School this Easter.

We have teamed up with international science enrichment provider Mad Science to stage an Easter holiday club with a difference.

Akin to Einstein’s science lab meets Harry Potter, youngsters will enjoy the fun side of science, getting to grips with bubbling potions, madcap experiments, rocket launches and even robot gladiatorial combat.

Mad Science teachers will set up their labs of fun at Adcote School from Monday April 15 to Friday April 19. Each day will have a different theme such as Chocolate Welding, Crazy Chemistry, Ship-Wrecked and Robots and Rockets.

“It’s a little bit over the top and great fun. The whole idea is to teach children science in such a fun and exciting way, that they don’t realise they are learning,” said Mad Science teacher Jasmine Hanlon.

“We’re delighted to welcome Mad Science to Adcote School for the very first time. We are very impressed with the way Mad Science engages children in the fun side of science and we look forward to working with Mad Science in future projects, as we look to offer more activities during the school holidays,” added Richard Walker, of Adcote School.

For Chocolate Welding, participants will become ‘chocolate engineers’ for the day, building engines, structures and architecture out of chocolate. Crazy Chemistry will teach about chemical reactions with lots of ‘explosions’, goo and bubbling potions.

Robots and Rockets will see participants build their own jitterbug robot which will then go on to take part in robot wars inside an arena, just like the TV programme of the same name.

NASA even wrote the space programmes for Mad Science. On this course children will learn about rockets and even launch their own mini rocket 500ft into the air. These rockets are powered by tiny engines and come back down to earth by parachute.

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