Harvest Festival

Posted: 27th October 2021

Our thoughts turned to the theme of ‘sharing’ in our Prep School Harvest Festival service this week, led by Adcote Chaplain The Reverend Lucinda Burns.

Prep School Choir began the service with a beautiful recital of John Rutter’s ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’. Pupils then gave a thought-provoking presentation. Using the letters of the word ‘HARVEST’ they pondered why half the world is in poverty (STARVE), how to remedy that (SHARE) and what we need to ensure that change takes place (a new HEART).

The girls then listened to a song about Jesus feeding the 5,000 and how a little boy in the crowd shared his lunch and there was more than enough to go around all the people. Prayers were said before the service closed with everyone singing “let it grow”, a song about harvest.

We are very thankful for all the wonderful donations of food. These were delivered today, by Rev Lucinda, to the Shrewsbury Food Bank, run by the St Barnabas Community Project. “I really want to thank everyone, who donated food, for their generosity,” she said. “The St Barnabas food bank is the main
food bank operated in the Shrewsbury area.”

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