Adcote School Pupils ‘Live’ Lesson

Posted: 27th April 2016

The DIRECTOR of the Royal Shakespeare Company welcomed Adcote girls to a BBC Live Lesson at Birmingham Library on Monday. 

The BBC satellite truck sparked excitement parked outside, but the real thrill was watching a live broadcast in action – with cameras, lights, auto-cues and a team of BBC employees busying about with headsets and clipboards.

Our Year 7 girls were treated to some inspirational interpretations of the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet by RSC actors Akiya Henry (Doctors, Little Britain, Casualty) and Joseph Arkley.

RSC director Justin Audibert invited us to become ‘text detectives’ searching for clues in the language and structure of the text to unpick possible meanings. He connected brilliantly well with his young audience and had us working hard throughout.

After the show, many of our girls seized the opportunity to take selfies with CBBC presenters Ed Petrie and Naomi Wilkinson, who recently co-hosted ‘Marrying Mum and Dad’.

Adcote was one of only a handful of schools from around the UK lucky enough to secure places at the live broadcast. 

Mrs Sally Dale, Head of English, said: “I saw the opportunity and knew it was too good to miss. The quality of the live lesson was absolutely first class. The actors made Shakespeare’s language so accessible and there is nothing like seeing it in performance to understand alternative interpretations.”

The live lesson will be available on the BBC website at

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