Year 7 Trip to Warwick Castle

Posted: 24th May 2016

Year 7 pupils enjoyed a fun-filled day out to Warwick Castle on Thursday 19th May to learn more about castles which they have recently been studying in History.  The day started with an ‘Attack and Defence’ workshop where pupils discovered more about the history of the castle and the ways an army would have tried to attack the castle.  Pupils had to put their thinking skills to the test to decide the most effective methods to defend the castle.  Following the workshop the rest of the morning was spent exploring the castle and deciding how they would have attacked the castle.  After lunch in the sunshine in the courtyard, the afternoon was spent visiting the various attractions and watching the daily shows including the challenging ‘Horrible Histories Maze’ and the ‘Flights of the Eagles’ display featuring some of the largest birds of prey in the world.  Well done to Year 7 for their enthusiasm throughout the day.


Group Photo 1

Katie and Freya

Group Photo 2

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