A note from the head

Posted: 4th October 2016

OUR new chief Diane Browne says she has been delighted by the warmth of the welcome she has received at Adcote this week.

In her inaugural assembly, she encouraged girls to commit to their own journey through the school and do their best, in readiness for the working world beyond.

“You’re here to do a job,” she reminded them, adding: “I wouldn’t come to work in a onesie.”

It was a serious message about the importance of professionalism, underpinned by wit and good humour.

Mrs Browne has been getting to know all of her new pupils during dedicated head’s teas in the Darby Restaurant throughout the week. She was also pleased to welcome new parents to the school during a welcome evening in the Great Hall.

She said: “This is a great beginning to an exciting new year at Adcote. Everyone this week has been so helpful and welcoming. I anticipated that Adcote would be a lovely place to work and that has been exactly the case. I have really seen Adcote at its best for warmth and inclusion.”

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