Lions Player keeps our girls on their toes

Posted: 4th October 2016

England Lions Dodgeball player Evie Ford kept our girls on their toes this week, showing them some hot footwork in our new sports hall.

Evie, a former Head Girl here at Adcote, is an ideal role model for our girls with her charismatic and friendly manner and her clear commitment to make the best of herself in everything she does.

“The girls really enjoyed seeing how aggressive dodgeball can be. They were amazed that I’ve only been playing for two years and yet am now representing my country. It showed them that anything’s possible if you work hard.”

Evie studies English Literature and History at university and is hoping to pursue a career in marketing and social media.

Sabbu Pun, Year 11, said: “Evie taught us how to catch a dodgeball properly. I liked it because it’s more aggressive than netball. Evie worked really hard to get in the England team and the way she’s balanced that with university is really impressive.”

Categories: Engagement Resilience