A Bountiful Harvest Festival

Posted: 10th October 2016

A BOUNTIFUL Harvest Festival saw 130kg of food and products spirited away to the Hope Church Food Bank in Shrewsbury.

Prefects from Adcote helped deliver it to those in need whilst, at the Food Bank, they were invited to help create real food parcels made up from our contributions at Adcote.

Here in school, we celebrated with harvest-themed worship for the Juniors and Seniors, including performances by junior and senior choirs and drama sketches.

Our chaplain Lucinda Burns said: “The children behaved impeccably, and performed brilliantly, as always. I appreciate all the hard work staff put in to making the service a success.

“Your kind donations will really help our local community in times of need. I took the prefects and Head Girl to see the food bank and someone needed a food parcel whilst we were there. Making up a real food parcel brought the whole experience to life.”

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