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Posted: 12th October 2016

Adcote U14s – Hockey Tournament, Shrewsbury School

I may have lost my voice from all the shouting on the sideline but it was truly worth it. What a great performance from the girls which included 3 Year 8s: Mia, Izzy and Katy.

After our game against Moreton on Wednesday, we knew we had things to work on; yesterday’s training was time to focus on that. And ‘boy’ did the girls make an instant impression on the pitch against Ludlow. We launched attack after attack, when, finally, Georgia scored our one and only goal to secure the first 3 points.

One down and 4 to go!

Thomas Telford were our next victims. Once again, the dominance of our midfield and forwards proved too much for the opposition. Georgia scored again for another win!

Sir John Talbot’s and Church Stretton were a little trickier. John Talbot’s gave a good defence but, despite near misses in front of goal from Rosie, Katy and Georgia, it resulted in a draw. 

Church Stretton’s players seemed to be dropping like flies with injury after injury so we agreed to reduce the number of players on the pitch, netting another draw.

Our final game would be decisive in the overall results. Our defence held firm for as long as they could but William Brookes were knocking on the door. My guidance fell short as we lost our way and positions on the pitch and we conceded our first goal of the tournament.

The final results will be confirmed by the organisers, but I can’t praise the girls enough for their performance, irrelevant of final positions. 

Adcote U11s vs Moreton Hall – 0-7 LOSS

Adcote realised very early on we would be in for a rocky ride in the U11s hockey game; there was no stopping the onslaught by Moreton. The girls were left shell-shocked after the first goal which came straight from the start. The defence was shaking, the midfield run ragged and, unfortunately, our forward was unable to retain the ball. 

The opposition team grew in confidence as the match went on, scoring goals at will, particularly from penalty corners. Three goals in the last quarter sealed our fate – a 0-7 defeat. Without Poppy Thomas in goal, making saves with virtually every part of her body, the final score could have been far worse and Poppy therefore receives the player of match.

Adcote U10s vs Moreton Hall – 3-1 WIN

Adcote started the match with gusto, immediately laying down the gauntlet with some fantastic tackling and chasing down of the ball.  Not long into the 1st period, Olivia Dyer slipped the ball through to Maddie Stone who finished it off perfectly into the corner of the goal.  

Moreton Hall battled back and, not long after, a break away led to an equaliser

In the second period, Adcote remained dominant and had several goal opportunities saved, whilst we narrowly missed the target on others.  

Two more goals came in the third period from Olivia, where the girls impressed with their dominance but also spread the ball across the width of the pitch and continued to press forward.  

Moreton came back in the 4th period but some strong defence in front of their D prevented them having a shot on goal. Adcote again narrowly missed the goal; we are convinced they must have moved it!

A strong performance from all the girls with a 3 – 1 win and great to see them putting skills learned in lessons to good use. 

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