Culture Day

Posted: 14th October 2016

GIRLS were dressed in the colours of united nations today to raise money for the Pearl of Africa Choir, which visits us on Monday.

We have girls from more than 20 nations studying here at Adcote. Although they are under strict instructions to speak English in the corridors and classrooms, we like girls to show off and share cultural traditions and customs.

The sixth-form initiative encouraged Adcote girls to dress in the colours of their own country’s flag.

Kate Barabash, Year 12, dressed in a beautiful blue floral headdress, made of lavender, from her home country Ukraine. Kate is editor of our Adcotians newspaper here in school and hopes to study journalism at an English university.

She said: “The Ukrainian wreath is traditionally worn by young, unmarried girls in the Ukraine. Young women used to place their wreaths in the water with a lit-up candle, foretelling their romantic future by how the wreath flowed down the river or lake. From the wreath’s direction, the girl could tell whom she would marry!”

Abi Spalding was dressed in brown as the palace of Westminster, whilst British staff members wore red, white and blue. 

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