Hockey Report

Posted: 20th October 2016

Year 8 vs Packwood – 0-8

A change in weather, a change in opposition and notably a change in fortune for the Year 8 team today. Were our players in awe of the Packwood players? When they have three county players – I think any opposing team would be. Just watching them during the warm up, I even found myself commenting ‘nice reverse stick hit!’ 

Their team were camped in our half from the onset; it was only a matter of time before the first goal went in. Three minutes in and they scored, followed by the onslaught, their players now shooting from all angles and positions. By the first break, we were 0 – 7 down.

Time for a team talk?! We clearly needed to strengthen the defence, Hannah moved back to tighten up alongside Alex and Katy. The change in their personnel upfront and the tactical move made for a more end to end play. Mia was now enjoying possession of the ball alongside Susannah and Eleni. No goals in the 2nd third – now that’s progress. Katy worked her socks off against players she knew well and truly deserved player of the match.

A cold and bitter afternoon, which finally ended with the girls losing 0 – 8, back to the drawing board and time to work on the simple things. 

Year 7 vs Packwood – 2-1

From the first push back the girls were focused and intent on beating Packwood, the ball was spread wide. Great runs were made by Imogen up the wing with tackles made by Bella and a great pass forward to Felicity – then a one on one with the keeper…… and GOAL! We were one nil up.  

We continued to dominate with plenty of shots towards goal. I use the word ‘towards’ in its loosest sense as we need to work on looking up before shooting. Another attack and a great cross and Bella scored our second, accompanied by loud cheers from the parents watching.

In the second period, Packwood upped their game and pushed forward. Hattie was a brick wall at the back and covered a huge amount of ground. Our midfield and forwards were keen to score more but forgot that they needed to track back as well. Packwood scored and were buzzing. Our heads didn’t go down. Emma in goal blocked several Packwood opportunities followed by a mele in front of our goal and I had the whistle in my mouth, waiting for the inevitable – but with a flash of red goalkeeping pads, Emma dived across the floor stick outstretched; what an amazing save.. move over Maddie Hinch!

Adcote pushed forwards in the third period, desperate to score again but making some near misses. Another break for Felicity and she powered through into a one on one with the keeper again, only to be taken out, bloodied with a fat lip..and play was stopped. After a long wait, play continued and Adcote held strong..VICTORY!!! 2-1

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