Pearl of Africa Visit

Posted: 20th October 2016

Drumming, dancing and singing resounded through the school on Monday as girls enjoyed our fourth annual visit from the Pearl of Africa Choir.

Our girls learned about the history of the artform and the speciality of each drum.  We were told that some of the large drums are only to be used before the King in Uganda.  We were lucky to be able to use these!

The workshops lasted all day with our lower school taking part in the three workshops during the morning and the upper school attending in the afternoon. 

The dance class was fast paced and quite exhausting. The girls learned a celebration dance which included some fast footwork and vigorous hip shaking.  Both classes were led by children from the choir including little Chantal who was only eight years old.  The choral singing was the third workshop.  All students took part and were taught a celebration song.  The energy was infectious and the visitors lifted everyone’s spirits in school.

The performance at 4.30 was vibrant – the noise was incredible from just 10 young people on stage! 

Mrs Cooke, Head of Creative Arts, said: “This was a great lesson to all of us at Adcote about how to share good feelings with such a simple thing as music and movement.  There was a wonderful sense of mixing our cultures and ideas together which benefits us all.”

Year 11 pupil Freya Wojnar said: “We danced on stage. It was really lively – they were really enthusiastic and grateful to be here in our school.

Sabbu Pun added: “Even though we’re so different, we connected through the medium of music and dance.”

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