Dana Prison Visit

Posted: 3rd November 2016

A Level Psychology Visit

The Dana prison in Shrewsbury was an exciting destination for A Level Psychology students this week. They looked around the old cells, examined prisoners’ graffiti, experienced the old hanging rooms, the education unit, kitchens and exercise yards.

It was the stories from the guides – all of whom are former prison wardens – that captivated our girls.

Some of the studies the girls undertake as part of their A Levels are set in prisons and they also study offending behaviour and social psychologies.

Sue Jones, Psychology teacher, said: “Some of our international students had not come across hanging before – they were intrigued. They were also very interested in the human rights issues it brought up – the idea that the prison has to give methadone to inmates unless they sign consent that they want to come off them.

“The girls were amazed that prison officers were not allowed to retaliate to physical violence even to protect themselves – they man showing us round had three teeth missing because someone had attacked him.”

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