Drone flying high over Adcote School’s Careers Fair on November 18

Posted: 7th November 2016

A DRONE specialist will shed light on 21st century job opportunities in unmanned flying at Adcote School’s Careers Fair on November 18.

Unmanned aerial vehicles may well be the future – and careers are opening out in the drone industry that no-one would have predicted 10 years ago. 

From aerial photography and cinematography in the extreme sports industry, to land surveying start-ups and drone manufacturers, the SUA (small unmanned aircraft) market is creating untold opportunities for operators, pilots and engineers. 

Dicky Bird, from Bird’s Eye Solutions, has 37 years experience in the Navy as an engineer and helicopter flying instructor and now teaches people how to operate drones safely as head of standards for flybytechnology.com.

He said: “Aviation is a very big game and there’s lots of new opportunities either as a career or as a hobby. It’s an area that is expanding hugely. Once people gain the proper CAA qualification they can operate drones commercially for a whole host of organisations to do whatever specialisation they have within their drones: infra red cameras for rescue services, solar panel checking, aerial mapping and photographs and aerial archaeology. 

“Many of the popular BBC TV programmes now employ drones for a whole variety of things. It’s an area that is expanding rather quickly and people can’t keep up with the regulations. Our job in flybytechnology is to help educate people about what the rules are and how to apply them.”

Dick’s own business, Bird’s Eye Solutions, offers drone technology solutions to businesses in any field, whether creative – for TV production companies – or in industries such as farming: “If you have an enormous field,  vegetation – corn, wheat or whatever – you can programme the thing to fly autonomously to scan either using infra red to see the health of the plants or the area in general,” he explained. 

“I am very keen to get the message out there through Adcote’s Careers Fair to young people interested in a future career in this area that the opportunities are there, but safety is paramount and they must know the rules. Breaking the rules can lead to imprisonment or a heavy fine.”

Also represented at Adcote’s Careers and Higher Education Fair will be a whole host of employers from more than 30 different organisations. 

Students will be able to speak to radio and print journalists, surgeons, anaesthetists, architects, solicitors, engineers, police, dentists, photographers, musicians….and even a drone specialist from Birds Eye Solutions. 


There will also be representatives from universities, including the London School of Economics, Liverpool, Dundee, Bristol and Cardiff universities and many more.

Head of Sixth Form Nicola Bignell said: “We are very enthusiastic about careers here at Adcote as we recognise that modern living requires a real focus on the working world, early on in life.

“We work very hard to maintain this joined up approach with the real working world and hope that it will be of benefit, not only to our pupils here in school but also to other pupils as we are opening this event up to the wider community.

“We are also very happy to welcome representatives from a wide range of universities, who will be able to discuss course options, content and admissions criteria.”

Adcote School’s Careers and Higher Education Fair will take place at the school in Little Ness, Shrewsbury, from 2pm on November 18. All Year 11 pupils and sixth-formers from schools in the area are invited.

If you wish to attend please contact Admissions on (01939) 260202 or email admissions@adcoteschool.co.uk 

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