The Symposium of Science and Life

Posted: 7th November 2016

The final Workshop Theatre Production of “The Symposium of Science and Life” took place this Monday.  Year 13 were working from the basis of Gothic Theatre which developed into a Frankenstein inspired piece.  The students set the work in Promenade Theatre, meaning the audience were taken on a tour as the strange scenes took place in the Drama Room, the staircase and eventually in the cellar.

Kate Barabash developed a startling character of a Doctor who had turned into a madwoman, screaming and singing about the operations she had performed.  Yana  played Doctor Frankestein who had continued his secret work down in the cellar at Adcote, creating new life in the form of Nefemi who performed a chilling final speech in the closing minutes of the production.  Suma Pun and Lara Williamson created the staging and make-up for the production and the whole cast were responsible for scripting, directing and performing.

This marks the end of the course for Suma, Lara, Hanna and Laura who have been working towards their qualification since they began year 11.  All the girls have been very successful in their programme of study and have performed several memorable pieces over the past few years.

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