Badminton – Adcote vs Ellesmere

Posted: 10th November 2016

By Graham Carter

Sadly, Aramis turned over on her ankle at the beginning of her singles match… perhaps the score would have been different! Fortunately, she had already managed to win one match with Cynthia against older opposition (including one Phinyada Sankapaew who many will remember).

In our doubles matches we snuck one more win out of eight and went down a respectable 6-2 against another opposition who were far more prepared and battle ready. Catherine Xinkelai continues to fight the brave fight at the top of the Adcote tree, but I think that Ellesmere must be importing students on badminton ability because the top of their tree is a tough one to match. 

Our four singles matches were very one-sided and I prefer not to say that score.

Still, we were a lot better than last time we went there, and continue to be more and more competitive. Bring on the next one!

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