Hockey – U14 vs Oswestry School

Posted: 10th November 2016

1-2 Loss – By Harps Randhawa

It would be a cold and frustrating afternoon for the girls. On arrival we realised their ‘U14s’ team were in actual fact the U15s. This could be a tough game; the half term break obviously had an effect on the team as we conceded early in the first quarter. Would this be an afternoon picking the ball out of the net? Thankfully not and the goal was the wake up call the girls needed as they sprung into life, pushing forward to find the equaliser. Georgia ventured out to the left and Katie on the right, with Amelia steaming through the middle. Could we take our chances? As the first quarter drew closer it seemed unlikely until Amelia  took a shot from the edge of the circle and somehow got through the defence and past their goalkeeper and we were 1-1. 

Throughout the second and third quarter the game remained evenly poised with both teams holding firm in defence, Izzy, Amira and super sub Mariam keeping their players at bay. Do we hold on for the draw or push for the win? My gut told me we could win this! Unfortuntely I think the rain and cold weather affected my judgement as I encouraged the girls to go for the win. Oswestry had the same idea and the last five minutes of game inevitably became fast and furious. Panic set in; we were losing possession of the ball in crucial positions on the pitch. Our defence just needed to hold on!

My heart sank as I watched Rebecca pick the ball from the goal and we went down 1 – 2. With only a few minutes remaining, the girls dusted themselves off and went all attack. Their goalkeeper was called upon several times and kept the ball out, how frustrating! The final score 2 – 1 to Oswestry, we were cold and wet but the girls spirits as always remained high, singing their hearts out on our way back to school.

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