North Shropshire Cross Country Championships Report

Posted: 14th November 2016

By Kathy Gardner

Well we left Adcote in glorious sunshine with me thinking “yes!!” – no need for the waterproofs for the first time in three years. We had a happy bunch of girls on the outward journey looking forward to near perfect xcountry conditions. Oh how wrong I was – as we arrive the rain moves in and I now look like a purple oompa loompa…. but at least I’ll be dry. We head for the cover of the trees. Not only has the rain moved in, the wind (and a biting wind it was) has also picked up. As usual the girls’ idea of “warm clothes” is slightly underestimated. Luckily, I brought an umbrella that they all huddled together under.

The U16s set off first and we are able to watch them – that calms them down a little. The U14 team of Georgia Richardson, Katie Hayton, Rebecca Walker and Mia Dyfnalt are warming up …do we or don’t we wear our fleeces? Off they go, through the trees and the mud, up hill and down dale (well almost). They all did themselves and Adcote School proud with Georgia finishing 12th and Katie 15th backed up by Rebecca and Mia never giving up and pushing themselves as hard they could for the team, with the team finishing 5th overall.

It was now time for the Yr7 team of Amelia Livermore, Phoebe Carter, Bella Sussums-Lewis, Scarlet Gibson, Maisie Allen and Molly Hayes-Jones, who had, by this time, had far too much time to stress about their race. The rain has subsided but it is still bitterly cold. They set off and at the first hill Amelia is in 2nd place. Not far behind is Phoebe, the whole team looking strong. Out of the trees they come with Amelia still in 2nd place. A stunning effort by the whole team with Amelia finishing 3rd, Phoebe 5th and Bella 10th and the team finishing 2nd overall – an excellent result!.

Well done to all the girls who ran in less than favourable conditions.

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