Adcote U10s vs Shrewsbury High School Hockey Report

Posted: 18th November 2016

1-0 WIN! Man of the Match – Olivia

By Lisa Nixson

Another busy day with two hockey matches at SHS this afternoon. So, after a crocodile walk from the car park, it was tracksuits off and keeping pads on. 

So the U10s start us off and immediately it it is end to end and hard fought for. Poppy Harding is a force to be reckoned with at the back. Nothing gets passed her. Isibeal is working the ball up the wing but SHS are digging in deep. There is nothing to choose between the teams and the first period ends no score. A quick pep talk and a few tactics to work on for the second period. I am not umpiring and nor is the SHS teacher, so it was a case of who can shout the loudest…..Definitely ME!

Come on girls, I am sure we can nick a goal…still end to end play with lots of hard tackles being made. I give instructions to drive forwards with the ball from defence. Poppy makes a run, passes out wide to Rosie and crosses it. Somehow it slips through to Cameron; doing her job on the keepers pads, she deftly pokes the ball into the nil up.

SHS come back strong. Maddie Rao holds fast  and pushes the ball forward. Isibeal takes the defender on and Olivia is running her socks off. We have to hold on.. 

Into the third and final period. It is so close end to end with strong hard tackles. What a game – it could be anyone’s. Can we hold on? Driving forward from the back, Poppy is awesome. We make a few half shots on goal from Cameron and Olivia but no goals yet. SHS drive forward again and there’s a break, but no worries, Rosina has it covered. Come on girls – hang on – don’t lose it now. I’m not sure how much more I can take of this. Lily is strong at the back with an excellent reach and no one is getting into our D but it is still end to end and anyone’s game.

I can’t shout encouragement any louder the year 6s watching are getting very excited and cheering them on.. Please keep going… concentrate… I’m not sure I can take much more. Where’s the whistle?

Another attack by us- come on let’s seal just wide.. SHS mount a last attack.

“Rosina!” I shout, thinking she’s not watching. No problem – she has it covered and clears the ball. Poppy races to drive forwards again and phew, the whistle goes and Adcote cheers ring out. 1-0 win..

 I’ve played every ball with them and shouted encouragement till my throat is sore.. BRILLIANT ( am I allowed to say it another win over SHS ) 

Adcote U11s vs Shrewsbury High School

3-3 DRAW. Man of the Match – Freya

So on come U11s … Once again, our defence are formidable. Nothing is getting past Romilly and April . Freya is playing a sensible tactic taking the ball out wide away from the mele. There defence is on form too. Darcy in the middle is chasing back and forth and Hattie is trying to get into a shooting position. Suddenly, Hattie is through and pops the 1st goal in.. GOOOOAL.. 

We are on the defence again with a long corner from SHS. The balls pushed through the middle and there is a great save from Beth. We try and clear the ball but again the onslaught and it’s 1-1.  

More stale mate balls are played back and forth – there is a crunching of sticks and many free passes but the defences stand strong.

Much of the same in the second period until Darcy wins the ball strongly on the left drives into the circle and crosses the ball Grace is waiting on the far post and an easy tap in. 2-1 

SHS start to run the ball and increase the pace of the game but Adcote stay with them until a messy goal is scored. 2-2

Adcote needs to react quicker and stop their quick free hit being taken ….Adcote are taking the advice on board and we are getting on top. Darcy again, driving forward. Poppy Wilson joins her with strength in the midfield and it’s looking good. 

A through ball onto the keeper’s pads and Hattie slips the rebound around her and into the corner of the goal..3-2 

Another break by SHS and another save from Beth but the ball isn’t cleared and our lead is short lived. 3-3.

It’s the third and last period – can we hang on? Can we move ahead? More of the same hard tackles with each team driving forward, determined to win. Some good kicksout from Beth and Darcy Poppy W. Romilly and April are running the show for Adcote. SHS can’t score but sadly nor can we. 3-3 draw and  a fair result in a hard fought match. 

Phew I am absolutely exhausted but very proud of the U11s and U10s. Two great games but, more importantly, they are starting to use their heads and put into place tactics they have been learning.. They do listen after all!

Special mentions also to: Poppy, Darcy and Romilly.

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