U13 Hockey Tournament at Packwood

Posted: 18th November 2016

Apologies ladies and gentleman The Randhawa Report is delayed this week, due to severe weather conditions and technical issues!

First to arrive, we take to the pitch and start our warm up as our goalie gets padded up. Teams start arriving in their masses. What an amazing sight – 13 schools all looking for a spot to warm up. 

The nerves now start to kick in (and I don’t mean the students). Wrekin College are our first opponents. Our defence were under immediate attack, but thankfully with the ever fearless Hattie Marsh we avoid conceding the goal. Undeterred by our resistance, their attack continued to push forward, but pure determination ensured we held on for a goalless draw. 0 – 0.

After our recent results against Shrewsbury High, admittedly I was worried. However, the game tried and tested both defences. Katie, Hattie and Alex a force to be reckoned with, but we were unable to penetrate at the other end – another goalless draw.

Time for a lesson in Hockey girls! My team talk before our match with Stonyhurst College went out the window when they scored from the start. Their team attacked at will and made the attempts count. We unfortunately had no answers to avoid a defeat, losing 0 – 5.

After a lengthy break, our next opponents Moor Park were clearly well versed and causing havoc among our players. Our midfield and defence run ragged from the first whistle; it was only a matter of time before they would score. My heart sank, sank again and again ….. the final score 0 – 5.

Our final opponent for the tournament were Abberley Hall; Bella determined to get on the score sheet as we went on the attack but hit their brick wall of a defence! Stephanie in an unfamiliar role in midfield pushed forward but they held firm at the back and sent the ball into our half. A quick attack and they scored their first goal. Despite our efforts, we lost 0 – 3. Homeward bound girls, time to reflect.

I’m lucky I’m not a top flight manager as I wouldn’t be far behind David Moyes…

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