“A Shining Example of Sportsmanship”

Posted: 27th January 2017

ISA Midlands Gym Competition, Adcote School (Jan 26th)
By Lisa Nixson
We waited with butterflies and excitement. Some of our girls had dragged themselves from their beds (the dreaded cough and temperature). All Adcote teams were competing in both vault and floor; some were performing a floor routine to music for the first time, whilst the old hands were feeling the pressure to keep up the high standards of previous competitions.

They wowed us again and not only with the results, but also in their sportsmanship. For some years, Stephanie Walker’s aim has been to beat her friend Imogen Lamb. Today, it finally happened – but was most telling for me was the way in which the girls conducted themselves when the results came in. Their behaviour was a real highlight for me and an excellent example of what makes it all worth it. There was no flicker of disappointment from Imogen for herself, but only smiles, with her head held high and a lovely embrace between them. From Stephanie, there was only happiness and joy and not even a glimmer of gloating.

This shining example of sportsmanship, captured in just a few moments, was a fabulous example to the younger teams.

A big thank you to Louise for all the organising that makes the competition run so smoothly and Annie, Kathy, Claudia and Laura for their help.

ISA Midlands Competition – RESULTS
U9 team 1st place
Individual 1st Emilia Moxley
2nd Seren Blackwell
3rd Georgina Pilkington.

U11 team 1st place
Individual 1st Olivia Dyer
2nd Paige Johnson
3rd Darcy Fletcher.

O11 team 1st place
Individual 1st Stephanie Walker
2nd Imogen Lamb
3rd Mia Dyfnallt

ISGA Four Piece Gym Competition – St Faith’s School, Cambridge

It was the Under 9s first competition away from Adcote. They rose to the occasion, although it was a very long day! Results were as follows:

U13 team 1st place

Individual 2nd Imogen Lamb

4th Stephanie Walker

U9 team 4th place (by .45 of a mark!)

Individual 4th Emilia Moxley (aged 7!)

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