Bush Craft Challenge

Posted: 3rd May 2017

What would you do if your were in a disaster situation? Panic, sit under a tree and sob or try and make some survival choices?

Six families took the Bush Craft Challenge last Friday evening, they were given the task of making a shelter and making a fire – without the caravan or a match!

After a quick introduction they were off, first gathering dry matter to use in fire lighting later then onto making shelters. After some discussions between parent and daughter, plans were hatched for a range of accommodation, from the lean-to style to the tent-shaped option. The winners were the Croall mother-and-daughter team with their compact and bijou detached property aptly name “Snake pit”.

Fire making: would the team use the battery and wire wool option or go straight for the cotton wool, Vaseline and fire steel approach? The latter proved the most successful, with Miss Hudson and her team managing to light the first fire. There was a large amount of huffing and puffing and testing of the old saying of “No smoke with out fire”, something that Lily would like to not agree with!

We all came away with the taste of roasted marsh mallows in our mouths and wood smoke on our clothes, a very satisfying evening!

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