Duke of Edinburgh Practice – Canoeing the River Severn from Crew Green to Shrewsbury

Posted: 27th June 2017

‘We’ve Got Muscles!’ – By Chris Farmer

After three days on the water, the team’s paddling skills have come a long way. It is amazing to think that their first outing was only a month ago and to see them now coming down the river like professionals was a great sight.

At one point, they were determined to beat the Scout’s team that set off just before them! The crew have now completed their official practice, a journey from Crew Green down to Shrewsbury with a practice day on the River Severn before hand – Lyla now has muscles to prove it.

They managed two nights under canvas with all their food and equipment stuffed in seven barrels.
They also found out that the barrels do float, for a while, but are not waterproof! As part of the capsize drills Marta’s barrel went in the river, it was only that afternoon when they came to pitch camp that she realised that she now had a very wet sleeping bag. Everyone agreed that more waterproof bags were needed!!
The team have now planned their final expedition, 120km over 4 days, down the River Wye. Their route cards have been approved and they have their official “wild country” expedition number, without which they could not complete the trip. As with all D of E journeys each one must have a purpose. The team have chosen to monitor, quantify and qualify their mood and moral with changing conditions! I look forward to seeing the results.


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