Bronze D of E

Posted: 6th July 2017

Eight intrepid explorers headed out onto the welsh mountains on Monday morning. It was a little over cast with the clouds blowing across the tops. The ferns were almost higher than the girls as they started the climb up to the first, of many, summits. Group Walki talkies (Bryany, Summer, Hana, Ellen) set of first. They were soon caught up by Metal (Anna T, Erin, Amelia & Claudia) after the first group were geographically embarrassed – several times.

The camp site for the night was reached, it has started to rain by this time. The campsite in the village of Carrog was flat, packs off and tents pulled out. Suddenly there was a drama with poles for tents not quite matching (huum check your kit carefully!!) Evening meals were prepared with noodles and sweet chilly source, pudding biscuits and skittles (food of champions).
The second day started wet. Ellen woke her team early, 5am. She thought there was a crow in the tent, it was going to be a long day. By 9am and the teams were off. Checkpoint 1 was reached by 11am, Miss Hudson was there with water, the rain had stopped and things were getting warmer. The second group reached the check point by 1230pm. An alternative scenic route had been taken!
All the groups agree that it has been a great adventure. Thank to Miss Hudson for getting then all out and back!
Categories: Leadership Resilience