Sports Day 2017

Posted: 11th July 2017

One of the major days of the year was about to unfold as the morning sun shone brilliantly over the freshly painted athletics track at Adcote School, which was soon to be buzzing with excitement and competitive spirit. The atmosphere was exceptional, as the house captains ushered together their team ready for the school’s Sports Day. Sun cream on and water bottles in hand, the first competitors took to the track.

The first event was the U13 800m. This was won by Amelia Livermore, who gained an impressive cheer from Glenmore house. The 60m, 70m and 80m records were all broken as Poppy Livermore, Camren Brookes and Romilly Hayton all won their events. As the track events were off to a good start, across the track, the first of the field events began.

Shot, discus, javelin, long jump and high jump are always popular events each sports day here at Adcote. The U11, U13 and U15 shot events were won by Beth Embrey, Hattie Marsh and Hana Chadwick, who broke the record for her age group, all from Glenmore. However, it was Michelle Adebayo from Innage who won the event in the senior category, beating her own school record and throwing an impressive 9.9m. Michelle also won discus in the senior category, throwing 20.34m, just under the school record.

As the field events were coming to an end, so were the track events. Glenmore were successful in the skipping finals, winning all three events, meanwhile Haughton won the U15 200m with Isabelle Jagielka sprinting her way around the track in a fantastic 30.25 seconds. Haughton house were also victorious in the sack race final and the three legged final in the senior category. Izzy Watson and Faith Morgan ran a memorable three legged race, toppling over the line in first place.

The last events of the day were the relays. Innage dominated the relay events, winning five out of six races. Haughton came first in the U11 race. Despite dropping the baton in the final leg of the U15 100m relay, the Innage team still managed to claim victory.

But who had won overall? Teachers, students and parents gathered around the score keeping tent. Prizes were awarded to each winner of each event, and also to those who had done best in each year group. Isabelle Jagielka won her age category, but was so tired that Mrs Brown had to run over to her to give her the certificate! The last of the certificates were handed out, and the atmosphere changed once more. As fingers began to cross, tension could be felt across the field as everyone wanted to hear if their house had won. Haughton came 3rd, with a brilliant total of 200 points. As house captain of Innage, I can tell you that the dramatic pause given by Mr O’Connor before he announced who had triumphed on sports day had never felt longer. Finally, Glenmore were announced runners up, which meant that Innage had won, with an incredible 264 points. Well done Innage!

Innage- winning house

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