U13 Hockey v Ellesmere College Win 6-2

Posted: 27th September 2017

On Tuesday the 19th of September, the U13 Hockey team had their first match of the season against Ellesmere College. We all felt slightly apprehensive; however, after a quick warm-up we were all raring to get out there and do our thing as a team!

After a slow start, Felicity Davies knocked home the first goal bringing us up 1-0.

Ellesmere tried valiantly to equalise with us, but our defence held strong (with Romily Hayton, Freya Moxley and Hattie Marsh blocking the opposition from scoring). The whistle blew, signalling the end of the first quarter: “I can’t believe it has already been ten minutes,” said Bella (midfielder). The quarter had flown by! Following a quick team talk and a switch of defence, the team went on stronger than ever; though so did Ellesmere. We got off to a rough start as Ellesmere turned up the pressure, giving them the advantage for their first goal. Holding strong in midfield were Scarlett Gibson (left wing) and Stephanie Walker (right wing), as we met their match with Bella and Flic bringing home one goal each.

Half time came as quick as it ended, with tight scores of 3-2 to Adcote. The second half began, and swiftly Stephanie Walker scored another goal for our team; the match went on as we scored goal after goal, working harder than ever. It was the final push for victory as the match came to a close, resulting Adcote in winning 6-2. Everyone worked extremely hard, to make sure the game was played as a team. Player of the match was Hattie Marsh.

Shout out to the U13 team: Scarlett Gibson, Felicity Davies, Bella Sussums-Lewis, Freya Moxley, Stephanie Walker, Hattie Marsh and Romily Hayton well done to all of you!

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