Year 12 ‘Detoxee’ and a boarder at Adcote School Sabbu Pun gives her impression of the experience

Posted: 9th October 2017

Sabbu’s Detox Experience:

We were met at the bottom of the stairs by our matron holding a clipboard and an empty plastic container next to her. We grudgingly bade farewell to their technologies and readied ourselves for 7 hours without WiFi.

At first, we lost track of time and would walk into the common room checking the clock every few minutes. Notices from teachers were handwritten on the whiteboards. It felt like being in Junior School again.

The feeling of abandonment from our phones left us slightly bewildered at first, however, we sought comfort by actual human connection, not WiFi connection, which ultimately made us realise the important rule that nothing can replace simple face to face interaction. It’s totally crazy how just two days can remind you of the necessity of our most natural, instinctive ability to communicate.

We played traditional games in the common room, such as the infamous ‘never have I ever’ game. Sitting on the sofas facing each other, eight of us revealed embarrassing confessions. We laughed our way through lunch time and successfully protested against Mr Phillips using his computer to register us; it seemed we had become detox devotees.

Overall, Mr Farmer’s proposition left us with a valuable experience that bonded my form closer together; I’m sure another detox later on the year might even be welcomed.

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