Hockey girls finish the season in style

Posted: 30th November 2017

Adcote 3 – Ellesmere College U15s 2

The girls finished the season in style with a victory over Ellesmere College. As the match progressed, the girls confidence improved and they started to use more of the pitch, although they still tended to play with a very narrow approach. It was a delightful match to watch which was closely contested with end to end play and Miss Pugh was very pleased that the girls tried tactics that they had learnt in the previous evening. Everyone’s contribution was vital to win as a team:
  • Izzy “I step in front of players to steal the ball – and I like hockey now!”Jagielka  
  • Mia “the key distributer – and I set up the goals” Dyfnallt
  • Rebecca “roll out and drive down the right” Walker
  • Katie “I want to hit the ball hard…but I must remember that I am not playing golf!” Richards
  • Katie “I stay nice and high to score the goals” Hayton
  • Alba “I scored a goal” Carillo
  • Holly “I’m saving all the goals at the other end…and mark you players!” Knerich.
Now back to what happened…Ellesmere scored the first goal and then Adcote used their newly learnt tactics, where Mia Dyfnallt drived the ball in the ‘D’ to find Katie Hayton to slot in her first goal. Ellesmere took the lead again, but following half time the Adcote girls gained in confidence and kept applying pressure on Ellesmere. Adcote equalised when Katie Hayton drived the ball down the back line and pulled it back to find Alba Carillo who scored. With the scores tied at 2-2 it was all to play for in the last 10 minutes. Adcote pilled on the pressure with Rebecca Walker driving down the wing to win free hits, and Izzy Jagielka attacked from the back to create overload; she put great balls through to the attackers, but Ellesmere’s keeper saved many shots. A strong hit out found Katy Hayton in the attacking ‘D’ allowing Adcote to win the match. The girls fought hard until the final whistle to make sure that they won their first match of the year. Well done…more next year.
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