U11 A & B Hockey Vs Shrewsbury High School

Posted: 30th November 2017

The U11A Hockey team lost 4-0. Again they started slowly – not reacting quickly to Shrewsbury’s forcefulness, and they were 2-0 down very quickly. Isibeal Francis gained player of the match. She maintained possession well by driving the ball out of danger and down the right wing. Isibeal also made an excellent save on the goal line later in the match, but was then defeated by the mass Shrewsbury players surrounding the goal. Olivia Dyer and Rosie Stevens were also key in driving the ball forwards to give Adcote scoring opportunities. Rosie’s strong hits through the players created several scoring opportunities, but unfortunately Shrewsbury’s goal keeper was quick to deflect the ball away.
The U11B Hockey team lost 5-1. The Adcote team were slow to close down players, leading to goals being scored in our defending goal. But the girls got more alert as the game went on and learnt from their mistakes. Miss Pugh was very pleased that they tried new things such as Summer Shaw (player of the match) hitting the ball hard on a hit out, which found Seren Blackwell unmarked in our attacking half. She was very composed as she turned, looked up and placed the ball in the corner of the goal. Maddie Wright did some textbook dribbling to direct the ball out of our defending D and down the right wing. Well done everyone.
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