International Food Evening

Posted: 16th June 2021

Adcote Rotarians laid on a veritable feast for an International Food Evening that raised an amazing £392 for a charity that supports the education of children in remote parts of India.
Traditional dishes from around the world, including Spain, Poland, the Caribbean, Greece, Canada, Thailand and Wales, featured in the culinary spread that was served up in the Library.
Hordes of hungry fellow students descended on the Library and, within an hour, had polished off the food!
President of Adcote Rotary Club Kayleigh said the fundraising exceeded all expectations.
“We wanted to support the work of United World Schools in India, so to raise this amount of money was fantastic,” she said.
“Us, coming to Adcote, have a chance to do better in life, so we wanted to help other children. Everyone should get an opportunity in life.”
The event was organised by the eight members of Adcote Rotary Club along with extra help from volunteers.
“I would like to thank all my Rotary team, especially Margaret. She was doing all the running back and forth,” added Kayleigh. Well done all.

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