Adcote launches a new series of parent webinars

Posted: 22nd September 2021

Adcote has launched a series of regular webinars that aim to give parents wide-ranging information that will help them best support their daughters during their time at Adcote.

The webinars will familiarise parents and guardians with terminology used for different subjects and exams as well as cover topics ranging from revision to student support, wellbeing and safeguarding.

The first webinar was held this week on the subject of ‘Navigating exams and coursework’ for parents of GCSE students in Years 10 and 11. This looked at exam terminology, grading deadlines and where to find help.

The live webinars, presented by members of staff, last around an hour with opportunities to ask questions at the end. Details about the webinars for this term have been circulated to parents and guardians.

The next webinar will be held on 5th October, entitled ‘Maths’, and will be aimed at the parents of students in Years 6 and 7. It will look at the alternative methods available to students for common mental arithmetic.

English Terminology

On 10th November Prep School parents will be invited to take part in a webinar, entitled ‘English Terminology,’ which will familiarise them with phrases and meanings of words behind student learning in English lessons.

All parents will be invited to the webinar ‘Understanding mental health and mindfulness’, on 2nd December, which will cover aspects of mental health and how to support students.

A webinar on 11th January will look at how students can stay safe online including social media.

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