What type of boarding is suitable for my daughter?

Posted: 13th March 2022

If you are considering a boarding school education for your daughter, it’s important to understand the different options available to suit your family.

At Adcote, we’re able to offer flexible, weekly, and full-term boarding that suits your family in a consistent school environment that’s a home away from home.

Boarding at Adcote School for Girls
At Adcote, we’re able to provide flexible boarding solutions that allow parents and children to create an ideal home/school balance. Our boarding houses provide a homely space where the girls can enjoy a lively programme of boarding activities, make friends, and build confidence. Our on-site boarding team will do everything they can to help your daughter settle in and make her space her own.

Full Termly Boarding
Our full termly boarding option can suit both international and UK students and allows for students to fully immerse themselves in Adcote Life, focusing on academic achievement and personal success; spending weekends taking part in exciting activities and excursions.

Weekly Boarding
Our popular option of weekly boarding suits local families and allows students to benefit from a full five-day week at school and a flexible option to return home each weekend, as well as during school holidays.

Occasional and Flexible Boarding
Dependent on availability, we’re able to offer solutions for our day students to stay in boarding houses for occasional nights.

This causal boarding responds to the occasional need for overnight stays, such as involvement in a school drama production, a birthday celebration, or for when parents need to be away from home for a particular reason.

How to choose the best boarding option for your daughter
You want what is best for your daughter and opening the lines of communication can ensure your child is happy with any decisions that are made. Of course, there will be an adjustment period, but your daughter’s overall health and wellbeing are central when choosing boarding options. Your daughter can join us at taster days or try occasional or weekly boarding first to get a feel for the boarding experience. Whichever option you choose, we will do our utmost to make her boarding experience one she will cherish.

To find out more about sending your daughter to Adcote School, get in touch today. We would love to hear from you.

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