What Are The Benefits Of An All-Girl’s School?

Posted: 9th April 2022

No matter her dreams or aspirations, your daughter needs to know that she can achieve them. An all-girls school will do that. From an early age, a girl’s school sends the message that through hard work, dedication and a strong support network, nothing can stand in her way. That is the girl’s school advantage. 

Enrolling your daughter in an all-girls school is a big decision, but it could be the best decision for her future. You want your daughter to reach her full potential and so do we.

Here are 7 benefits of enrolling your daughter in an all -girl’s school: 

Confidence and Self Esteem

Everyone develops at their own pace and being given the freedom to do that surrounded by like-minded girls is an exceptional opportunity. Girls’ schools are not focused on popularity or status, but on creating a safe and empowered community where girls are motivated to be proud of who they are. Our Award-Winning CLEAR Learning Programme is designed to challenge and inspire our students to become strong and intelligent women. 

Strong Female Role Models 

Students at all girl’s schools will be surrounded by female role models. From their classmates to older students, alumni, and teachers, girls are introduced to strong female role models from an early age. Our Headmistress Diane Browne is at the head of our strong team and promotes an environment where women and girls are seen and heard so that they know their voices count. 

Educating the Female Leaders of the Future

An all-girls school is focused on nurturing the female leaders of the future. Every girl has leadership qualities, and these can be explored without worry. A girl’s school will create leaders who are not afraid to put themselves forward, take responsibility, and lead from the front. The skills they learn will benefit them in all areas of their lives. With better access to facilities and introduction to more activities, girls will have the full support of their peers, teachers, and leaders to explore every avenue. 

Cultural respect and awareness

Girls are encouraged to become involved in their local community through events and volunteering. This helps them to get in touch with the community around them and build awareness and compassion. Diverse classes help to promote racial understanding and allow girls to understand others with different beliefs, and work together with people from a variety of backgrounds. These are all strengths that will benefit their development in the future. 

Small Class Sizes Create a Place to Shine

Research shows that teachers will give more attention to boys in co-education schools and pick them to answer questions more often. With this in mind, it’s no wonder some girls are reluctant to speak up and can be left behind. Small class sizes mean that every girl will have her voice heard.  Students will get the attention they need, and teachers want to hear what she has to say. 

Development Without Stereotype 

An all-girls school encourages girls to be themselves without the weight of gender stereotypes or assumptions holding them back, which contributes to them performing better academically. According to the National Coalition of Girls Schools, nearly 80% of girls school students report feeling challenged to the point of achieving their full potential. By attending an all-girls school, your daughter will have more opportunities to grow and thrive. 

More Opportunities to Study STEM

Not only do students perform better academically in all girl’s schools, but they a more likely to study and succeed in STEM. The National Coalition of girl’s schools stated that graduates from girl’s schools “report more confidence in STEM-related skills along with greater self-confidence in their academic performance”. The facts speak for themselves. A girl’s school will provide the opportunity and encouragement to take their own path in areas that they may not have even considered. What a joy it would be to see more girls studying the subjects that will make them successful in typically male-dominated industries such as engineering, dentistry, and astronomy.

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